September 30

1. Girl Guide cookie blitz interrupted by a bear

2. Opening my first box of Fall 2014 Girl Guide cookies

3. Really cold classroom. Is taking a blanket to class crazy?

4. My first Tim Horton’s cinnamon french toast bagel

5. Did I mention: Girl Guide cookie blitz interrupted by a bear!!!!!


September 29

1. Sustainability forum

2. Meeting David Miller

3. Finding out that I have to find a MMORPG to play in order to write my design theory assignment. It reminds me of the time in grade 10 when my English teacher told me I should stop reading so much and watch more TV so I could write an assignment for her class.

4. Apple crumble

5. Girl Guide planning meeting for Symposium through a “plastic box”

6. Lemons to Lemonade: Girl Guides all over the news.

September 28

1. Baking delicious sourdough bread for the first time

2. Smelling delicious sourdough bread

3. Eating delicious sourdough bread (with and without nutella)

4. Getting my Girl Guide blog ( up and running again.

5. Taking a wonderful screenshot picture of my Dad’s bedhead no one should ever see


September 24

I think that today might require 8 things…

1. Emails that made me smile and emails that made me cry (in a good way)

2. I signed up for the Super Program training for Guide leaders in Toronto in November.

3. Speaking French

4. All you can eat SUSHI!

5. Sunshine and over 20 degree weather…Is winter over?!?! 😀

6. Laughing so hard I cried

7. Almost making tea come out Robin’s nose

8. Fog

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????