October 30

1. Robin and I rocked our Zoombini presentation!


2. Got poked and prodded during swing dance class thanks to my traffic lights costume


3. Laughed so much over dinner that terrible tasting soup came out my nose

4. Grad student wine and cheese


5. Met a sci comm alumna

October 29

1. Survived my second presentation

2. Put the finishing touches on tomorrow’s presentations

3. Made mashed potatoes for the first time

4. Much needed nap

5. Learned how to print on campus

October 28

1. First Research Methods class

2. A day of choices: thinking about research topic and choosing classes for the winter semester.

3. Steve’s laptop died along with our power point for tomorrow’s presentation.

4. Carly bobbing for a marshmallow (see video on Facebook)

5. Halloween at Guides

– I dressed up as a Spark


– Bobbing for marshmallows and powdered donuts

– Hallway of terror. Their comment when I told them to be careful not to trip over the dead bodies: “Stop scaring us! You’re older and don’t get nightmares.” Apparently they didn’t believe I was a Spark.

– Thanks to one of our great girls, I got to bring home my own Halloween candy bag 🙂


– Toilet paper mummy racing


6. Booked my flight home!

October 26

1. Made banana bread for the first time ever. Just plain banana bread, I promise. Okay, fine…delicious chocolate chip banana brownies!

2. Dreading the week ahead: 3 presentations in 4 days.

3. Slept in until 12:30

4. Tunnel of Terror wasn’t as terrifying as I expected but the strobe lights were nightmarish.


5. Pumpkinferno: Sudbury’s version of Montreal’s Chinese Lanterns (photo credit goes to Kevin).

October 24

1. Sourdough waffle no boardgame party.

2. Crazy conversations about make-up, lab accidents, fire alarm, stitches, Halloween costumes, not walking home alone at night, English courses, waffle tacos and many other things.

3. Getting to sleep in for an hour.

4. Lengthly morning search for milk, vitamin C and orange juice…Since when do Shopper’s Drugmarts not carry basic groceries?

5. Learning to play a 2 person game of Agricola with Robin instead of doing schoolwork once our brains were fried on campus.

October 23

1. Hilarious moment in Learning Theory class this morning: “I’m not creepy. I just videotape people.” — Chantal

2. Katie driving around in circles when giving me a ride back from swing dance class.

3. Katie and My Design video up on Youtube. Please comment!

4. Back to people watching GRA work

5. Enjoying the partial solar eclipse thanks to Kevin and Science North’s telescopes.

10302017_10152393274831932_1682430534326631784_n IMG_3431 IMG_3423 IMG_3421 IMG_3414 IMG_3406

Computational Compulsions by Martin Cohen

I know I must find the square root of two.
Don’t know the reason for what I must do.
I know it’s irrational, but I must see it through
Until I can find that square root of two.
And then I must find the cosine of e.
I know it’s about −.91173.
with a mysterious air of transcendentality
that infuses the scent of the cosine of e.
On Gamma! On Bessel! On functions hyperbolic!
My mind has a compulsion to caper and frolic
to numerical rhythms erratically systolic
without the aid of anything mind-bending or alcoholic.
I don’t want to stop–it’s much too enjoyable,
although it might render me quite unemployable.
Perhaps I should try something girl and boyable
or launch some verbiage that is quite undeployable.
It seems I have become nonsensible
reaching for meanings indefensible.
When verses go meta
it’s a sign that you betta
end with a limerick incomprehensible.