December 30

1. Got up at 5:50 am to say goodbye to Nyree, Lottie and Ron. I hope Nyree feels much, much better soon!

2. Bought a whole bunch of new kinds of tea from David’s tea thanks to a gift card I got for my birthday. I tried liquorice twist tonight and I wasn’t sure at first, but it is growing on me.

3. Finally found navy pants to go with my Girl Guide uniform and bought some t-shirts with my Mom.

4. Went to see “The Theory of Everything” with my parents. The acting was great, but I think I preferred yesterday’s movie.

5. Played boardgames and watched the end of the 5th Harry Potter with my Dad


December 28

1. Went shopping at MEC with my Dad and bought a new sweater.

2. Last day with Nyree, Ron and Lottie

3. Waffles for lunch

4. Went to see The Imitation Game. Now I’m looking forward to reading the book.

5. Dinner at Pasta Casareccia with Ron, Lottie, Nyree, Abby, Xavier, Peggy and my parents.

December 28

1. Got up at 5:50 am to say goodbye to Andrew.

2. Did some school work while Nyree, Ron and Ter went to see the Greek exhibition at Pointe-à-Callière

3. Learned how to use a sewing machine

4. Started reading about Alan Turing

5. Made sourdough waffle batter for the morning

December 27

1. All you can eat sushi for lunch

2. Shopping at Jeans Jeans Jeans: Nyree and Andrew each found 4 pairs of jeans. I tried on about 40 and finally ended up leaving with a sweater but no jeans.

3. Mid-afternoon nap!

4. Salmon, rice, baguettes, salad and chocolate hazelnut cake for dinner.

5. Games night at Anastasia, David and Olga’s house included Catch Phrase, Yikers and Mind Trap

December 26

1. Woke up to traditional Boxing Day smoked salmon and bagels for breakfast

2. Filled the afternoon and evening with many board and card games (New York, Crib, Yikers, Rummy, Quarridor, Blokus, Bananagrams and Donut)

3. Walked to get Persian food for dinner

4. More reading and crocheting

5. Bought a new watch

December 25

1. Had a more relaxing Christmas morning than usual filled with enough books, warm socks, candy and tea to keep me well read, warm, fed and hydrated for the next year as well as many other lovely gifts. I have yet to figure out how I’m going to get it all back to Sudbury…



2. A lovely afternoon including a nap, reading and board games.

3. Dinner with the Christmas family!



IMG_3737 (1)

4. A more active gift exchange than last year. I got Jelly Bellies and a salted almond Toblerone bar 🙂


5.   Merry Christmas from the Sci Comm class!


December 24

1. Made all the food for tomorrow: Chicken and mushroom lasagna, chocolate babkas and eggplant.


2. Warm socks for Christmas seems to be a theme this year and I’m not complaining in the least!

3. Delicious dinner with the Christmas family at Xavier, Peggy and Abby’s

4. The Christmas food overdose has begun.

5. Happy Christmas Eve!

December 23

1. Had fun doing a virtual mission and building a bridge at the Cosmodôme with Marie-Eve and the kids.


2. Lovely Tea with Jen

3. Built and decorated a gingerbread train with Marie-Eve and the kids. Miko and I may not have won in the “prettiest” category, but we crushed the “most candy” category!

4. Annual Checkup at the Doctor’s. Apparently I’m healthy 🙂IMG_3727 IMG_3726


5. Nyree and Andrew arrive tomorrow!

December 22

1. West Christmas grocery shopping with my Mom and ended up with new fleece PJs. I guess that that’s what happens when the house is freezing and Loblaws sells clothes.

2. Leftover sushi and Persian food = great lunch!

3. Made Marie-Eve’s Day — Or at least my Dad did 🙂

4. Watched part of the 5th Harry Potter with my Dad. I bought a new DVD of it today because my old one doesn’t have any special features and this one was on super sale.

5. Made forgotten cookies.


December 20

1. More Christmas shopping with Marie-Eve all over the West Island including at Bulk Barn!

2. Amazing circus performance by Attrape-Moi called Flip Fabrique




3. Grandma bough my Mom and me a sushi dinner for Christmas!


4. Making salted caramels.

IMG_3695 IMG_3696 IMG_3698

5. Cleaned out a whole bunch of cupboards…Dad’s quote of the day: “Some people have a gun rack, we have a spice rack.”