January 29

1. Snowing through the emergency exit into the bus

2. Guest visit from Peter Calamai

3. A much needed no-homework night

4. Made one of my Mom’s classic dishes: Laotian chicken and rice and Malaysian salad

5. Peanut butter and lime curd is better than it sounds


January 28

1. Got to sit in at a real meeting at Science North about the new exhibit we’re helping to prototype. It was fascinating.

2. Zumba with Virginia

3. Oh Sudbury busses. You disappoint me!

4. Confused security guard who didn’t understand why I wanted to go back and work at the Sci. Comm office at 7pm

5. Congratulations to all the Cosmodôme people who got to sign the collective agreement at long last!

January 27

1. Nadia and Chris came to present and to get our feedback on the Online Bioremediation course.

2. Sewing and book swapping at Guides…with Carly!

3. Surprise assignment

4. Videotaped presentations = scary!

5. Carly tried to burn the house down.

January 25

1. Got some work done on campus

2. Watched my first episode of Friends with Carly, Michelle and Erica over dinner

3. Admitted my defeat to Robin. She was right about Chicago popcorn mix.

4. Really enjoying “Sing you Home” by Jodi Picoult

5. Finished my research methods proposal

January 24

1. Fruity waffles!

2. Group singing at breakfast

IMG_3821 IMG_3820

3. Finished getting my power point presentation ready for Tuesday: 94 slides in 10 minutes

4. 3D printing workshop at the library. Now I want to print ALL the things!

5. Got my Mentalfloss notebooks in the mail 🙂


January 22

1. Sent my “Please let me do an internship with you” email to MoMath. Fingers crossed!

2. Thank you Virginia for creating an occasion for Birthday cake. Thank you Robin for baking cake!

3. Warmish weather meant I could walk home from the grocery store

4. Lots of laughs at school. I think we’re all glad that the week is over…


5. Ethics forms submitted!

January 20

1. Watched Kevin blow up a condom for science!

2. Ordered a new skin for my computer. Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.12.31 PM

3. Creamy salted caramel hot chocolate

4. Was interviewed for the new sci comm promotional video

5. Sang lots of campfire songs at Guides (the girls are working on their campfire leading badge)