February 26

1. Guest visit from Steve Maguire

2. We made Chantal cry with a card, flowers and wine to say thank you for being an awesome SciCom Mom on our field trip

3. Updated my website

4. Tried to find a new professional sounding email to sign up for. Hotmail’s best suggestion was elizabethelizabethknowleselizabethknowlesknowles@hotmail.com

5. Epic Drone Malone video about Sudbury

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 12.16.42 AM


February 25

1. I’m insanely grateful to all the Guiders who shared or answered my survey today. Before I posted it online, I hoped to get about 50 responses over a couple of weeks. I got those 50 two hours after I posted it and am not up to over 100!

2. Found amazing things (that Kevin and I couldn’t find in all of the GoogleLand) in the storage area at Science North

3. Designed awesome looking business cards

4. Wrote a press release on a hilarious made-up topic for sci com practices. Katie and I had fun laughing at our outrageous quotes.


5. Tried to make fudge but couldn’t find the sweetened condensed milk I bought anywhere 😦

February 24

1. Found out that now that I’m staying in Sudbury for my internship, I get to go to an extra camp (co-ed with the Scouts)!

2. Had fun playing the board games I made (adapted from the WAGGGS one) with my Guides for Thinking Day

3. Thanks Virginia for lending us camping gear and giving me a ride home

4. Learned all about press releases in class

5. Stayed up way too late to finish my book

February 23

1. Back in class

2. Searched the entirety of the Googleland and couldn’t find a particular lens that Kevin and I need

3. All the fun things (get together at Chantal’s house and Monday skating) cancelled due to extreme cold

4. Sudberians tried to convince me that it’s not usually this cold in Sudbury. I don’t believe them.

5. Found my kobo and started a wonderful new book

February 22

1. Happy Thinking Day!


2. Skype meeting with Kevin to work out the technical problems with out exhibit sketches

3. Googled through Caroline and Pat. Thanks for your help!

4. Found 2 books to download before I ripped my room apart searching for my Kobo that I must have left back home

5. Last day of reading week

February 21

1. Went to see the Lemurs imax for the second time with Robin

2. Learned some new techniques in Inkscape

3. Started planning my portion of this week’s Thinking Day meeting at Guides

4. Caught up on Scandal

5. Worked on the e-recycling poster that Virginia and I are making

February 20

1. Got great news about a potential post-internship job

2. Figured out what I’m doing for my internship with help from the amazing internship whisperer (aka Chantal)

3. Finally got to talk to my parents who are working in Mexico for a while

4. Celebrated Chinese New Year by getting Chinese take-out with Kevin, Erica and Robin

5. Watched the second half of singing in the rain, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog and the first episode of Galavant

February 19

1. Internship searching and waffling

2. Asparagus, salmon and eggplant for dinner!

3. Why have I never heard of the nutella burger?

4. Waiting for the unpredictably timed bus in -45 degree weather is no fun!

5. Tea and drinks with Kevin and Steve