March 29

1. Rendezvous (Guide-Scout camp) meeting at Tanya’s meant “fun” with Sudbury busses

2. Second beautiful sunny day in a row

3. Second editing job

4. Started making a packing list of stuff I need to get from home for “spring?”

5. Almost finished my exhibits paper


March 28

1. First editing job

2. Porketta Bingo

3. Bought some yarn to knit a caterpillar. Now I just have to find a pattern.

4. More work on my exhibits paper

5. Binge watched The Americans

March 27

1. Timbits for breakfast

2. Yarn excursion with Virginia

3. Many changes to be made to Aquaponics based Dr. Dave’s comments and its preliminary reception

4. Late night at the Lake centre as I tried and failed to write my entire exhibit paper in a day

5. Watching classmates scramble to finish their videos makes me so happy that I didn’t take Mass Media. I am looking forward to seeing all of them though!

March 26

1. Great meeting with Chantal. Did I mention that I’m glad she’s back?

2. Unsuccessful sushi lunch

3. Finished making our sustainability posters consistent

4. Finished out kit for Let’s Talk Science

5. Exactly one week left

March 25

1. Closed my research survey with 201 and one responses

2. Updated my CV and cover letter

3. Submitted a draft version of our aquaponics project

4. Made 2 power point presentations

5. Made clam pasta

March 24

1. Virginia explained many of the wonders of Word to me! Thanks Virginia 🙂

2. Red velvet muffin for breakfast. Thanks (again) Virginia!

3. Sold 8 cases of cookies in 1.5 hours with Guides

4. Went to see architecture student projects about ecology with Chantal and Virginia. It was fascinating!

5. Angry at the apartment renting people who tried to scam Kevin and me.

March 23

1. Chantal is back!

2. Worked on Guiding challenge stuff

3. Carly ordered pizza for everyone!

4. Great discussions with Chantal!

5. Stayed on campus until 11:30, trying to get our 83 page aquaponics document to look consistent

March 22

1. Spent the day at the all you can eat cafeteria with Kevin and Virginia

2. Almost finished our stuff for Let’s Talk Science

3. Ready for our exhibits presentation this week

4. Applied for a part time online editing job

5. No Nanaimo bars 😦

March 20

1. Set up again at science North in order to get some non-blurry pictures of our exhibit.



2. Thought about apartment viewing but decided against it.

3. Our team sustainability posters are looking good!

4. Robin took gazillions of head shots of me.

IMG_7443 IMG_7425 IMG_7417 IMG_7504 IMG_7515 IMG_7527

5. Made dinner and watched Newsies with Robin.