April 28

1. Sat in on the first of the three Science North Wild Weather meetings

2. Got to see Lauren again! Yay for Internships that intersect with Science North

3. Nice enough to eat lunch outside

4. Games night at Guides

5. Packing…


April 27

1. Cold and windy at DE

2. Finished mocking up the DE app

3. Sold my couch

4. Met with the firm who is coding the app I’m developing

5. Alfredo sauce makes a nice replacement for milk and butter in mac ‘n cheese

April 25

1. Volunteered at Sudbury’s Earth Day celebration


2. Ate bugs (crickets and cricket chilli) and convinced others to do the same

3. Got a pretty new water bottle


4. Carly is gone

5. Robin got her half-package!


April 24

1. Started working on my research project. Some people really don’t know how to answer surveys!

2. Went to do a Let’s Talk Science Astronomy workshop with a grade 5/6 class at Copper Cliff elementary school with Kevin. I’d forgotten how much I missed that kind of thing.

3. The sun is back!

4. Made pancakes with lime curd for dinner.

5. Watched The Minority Report with Kevin. It was an interesting concept, but went on a bit too long.

April 23

1. Last day of work for the week

2. It’s still way too cold!

3. Powerpoint is silly. When I design a presentation that is in portrait format so that it will fit nicely on a phone screen, I don’t want it rotated and tiny in landscape format on my ipod!

4. Helped a few people in the office test a marshmallow/spaghetti structure building contest.

5. Solidified plans to head to Toronto next weekend

April 22

1. Card game party at the Struthers house (Bohnanza).

2. Used the food Steve left behind to make dinner for everyone.

3. Why is it so cold? It’s not supposed to snow in late April!

4. More app designing

5. I’m behind on blog writing and can’t remember a 5th thing

April 21

1. Writing quiz questions for the Science park app is more complex than I expected.

2. Good luck Kevin! I’m sure you rocked your interview!

3. Proud of my Mom! You’re right. Who cares what people think!

4. Enjoyed a Guide-cooked dinner

5. Sharing music and videos with Carly

April 20

1. Rain… 😦 I was finally starting to enjoy Sudbury weather

2. Field trip to the Lake Center to get help for our internship from Dr. Dave

3. Girl Guide conference call — hilarious as usual

4. Started X company

5. Caught up on emails

April 19

1. Sci comm brunch at Gloria’s

2. Girl Guide shopping excursion with 2 of our 3rd years

3. Hour long walk thanks to Sudbury bus schedule changes

4. Sunburn

5. Made crafts demo water bottle holders for Guides