April 19

1. Sci comm brunch at Gloria’s

2. Girl Guide shopping excursion with 2 of our 3rd years

3. Hour long walk thanks to Sudbury bus schedule changes

4. Sunburn

5. Made crafts demo water bottle holders for Guides


April 18

1. Slept in — Lazy Saturday

2. Read some more of my book

3. Finished the editing job

4. Discovered banana brownies in my freezer

5. Sold some furniture

April 17

1. Spent the day at Dynamic Earth with Katie. The science park is going to be really cool!

2. The lady at the post office thinks I’m crazy.

3. Exhibit paper (aka last assignment for the semester) due.

4. Clicked on an editing job by mistake.

5. Steve left with our kitchen table and most of our dishes

April 16

1. An idea for an app is beginning to take shape.

2. Nutella mug cake birthday celebration for Steve.

3. My article about National Engineering month and my Girl Guides is finally in the newspaper.

4. Made a delicious mashed potato, asparagus, fennel and ground meat combination.

5. Loving the weather!

April 15

1. 2nd internship day…Lots of background research to do.

2. Nice enough weather to eat outside!

3. Taking stock of all the Girl guide things I need to get doing.

4. Enjoying rereading Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials

5. Happy National Volunteer week


April 14

1. Glorious weather made for a lovely walk to work this morning

2. First day of my internship and I’ve already had my health and safety and introduction to the workplace training sessions! I think that past experiences have given me low expectations…

3. Montreal bagel for lunch! Thanks Ter!

4. Spent the afternoon googling apps. Anyone have a favourite educational app?

5. Healthy eating with the Guides. I’m looking forward to (although slightly scared about) the food they will be preparing next week.

April 13

1. Slept in!

2. Went into the Lakes Centre to finish my Exhibits paper

3. Got to say hi to Chantal

4. Felt inspired to do some work on ongoing Guiding projects

5. Fought with my Kobo and Adobe Digital Editions for over 2 hours, but finally managed to download a new library book

April 12

1. Sessions about what it takes to me a great Leader and about how to improve girl engagement

2. Pictures with the Quebec delegation



3. Frustratingly flawed survey statistics

4. Found out that my internship isn’t going to start until Tuesday and that we will be located at Science North instead of Dynamic Earth.

5. Uneventful flight back to Sudbury. The amazing Katie gave me a ride home!

April 11

1. Up early for a full day at the National Girl Guide Conference

2. Fun clickers, games and skits improved a dry session on Today’s Girl

3. Brainstorming about What makes Guiding Guiding

4. Interesting discussion about what themes are crucial to Girl Guide programming. STEM was sadly underrepresented.

5. A night of fun games led by Rangers